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Episode #7: 2022 Healthcare Technology Trends with Signify Research - Healthcare IT Talks Podcast

** The information presented here involves technologies and concepts in development that are not products and may never become products. None of these technologies or concepts are being offered for sale, and none of them are cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability. ** Some products mentioned in this podcast are not sold by GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare does not sponsor or endorse these products, and all product names are the property of their respective trademark holders. **

The world will continue to rapidly change in 2022. This is reflected by increasing demands in the healthcare environment and the need to support the developments in medical imaging with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. We will see an increase in the role of artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and other technologies to help physicians and patients.

Join Brian Green and Steve Holloway, Executive Director at Signify Research, as they discuss top healthcare trends coming out of RSNA 2021 that are shaping the future of healthcare IT today.

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