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Radiology without Walls: Building the Practice of the Future

The only constant is change. 2020 showed us that Radiology, much like the world, is in a state of flux as COVID-19 accelerated the need to support remote and distributed reading workflows. This was on top of a myriad of existing challenges: Increasingly complex IT architecture, too many non-standards-based vendors, high upfront costs to acquire or switch between PACS solutions, increasing volume and complexity of exams, and radiologist burnout & shortages-just to name a few. Bottom line: increased pressure is put on imaging IT organizations to respond and adapt quickly to consolidate, scale and support distributed clinical enterprises. For radiology, this means elastic, resilient, and easy to manage virtual infrastructures are needed outside the walls of the traditional reading room. This session dives into an intelligently efficient, cloud-based approach to dramatically transform reading & reporting workflows for more efficient use of IT resources and lower total cost of ownership.

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