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Episode #2: NVIDIA and AI: The IT Journey Behind AI Adoption - Healthcare IT Talks Podcast

How do you create a scalable, interoperable infrastructure to support AI? In this episode, Brian Green and guest Brad Genereaux, Medical Imaging and Smart Hospitals Alliance Manager at NVIDIA, explore industry standards, use cases, and practical steps to deploy AI across your organization.

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Episode 2 Additional Resources:
• IHE Whitepaper:
• NVIDIA Resource Hub:

Disclaimer (COVID NVIDIA Application): This training and inference pipeline was developed by NVIDIA. It is based on a segmentation and classification model developed by NVIDIA researchers in conjunction with the NIH. The Software is for Research Use Only. Software’s recommendation should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or treat COVID-19 by a Healthcare Professional. This research use only software has not been cleared or approved by FDA or any regulatory agency.